Creation versus Survival – Be the Source

“Whatever you think the world is withholding from you, You are withholding from the world”

I read this quote a few days ago and it has been on my mind ever since.
It reminded me of something I learnt a long time ago, but clearly forgot for a while.🤦‍♀️
Don’t you love how you can learn something pretty life-changing,
Even use and apply it in your life and see the results and yet, somehow, life happens.

Living in Survival keeps us stuck in revolution versus evolution

We get challenged and at times when we need it the most, all that wisdom goes flying out the window and we are back in survival mode?!!‼️
It reminded me of one simple principle:

✨Whatever you want more of, become the source of that. ✨

You want more love, start loving others more.
You want more money, start giving generously to others.
You want more connection, start connecting with others more.
You want to grow your business, help others grow theirs.
I thought I knew this stuff, even lived this stuff, and most often I do.
But I realised that sometimes, I get stubborn. I want it to come to me.😳
I get stuck In my head and that’s where it all falls apart.

“Get stuck in your head and you’re dead”❌

When we get stuck in our heads, Overthinking, over-analyzing & completely stressed out,
Our hearts close down. It’s a form of protection.

And when our hearts are closed, we enter a spiral of stress, fear & limitation:

1. We have very limited thinking
(We can only see limited options & are blinded to the infinite potentials that could exist)
2. We have black and white thinking
(It’s either life or death & nothing in between)
3. We become pretty self-obsessed
(it’s a survival thing but we get blinded to what’s happening with others as we are so stuck in our own drama)
4. We are in survival versus creation
(We keep thinking the same thing, stuck in the same story, wishing for a different result)
5. We block access to intelligent thinking
(We get stuck in the amygdala, the animal part of the brain and close down the intelligent executive center of the brain)
This means that when we get stressed out. We forget to be the source.❣️

We forget that we are the creators of our own reality.💯

We forget that in connecting with others, Giving to others in any form…
(It doesn’t have to be money. It could just be a smile)
We feel more connected. We feel a little better about ourselves. & our heart starts to open a little more.❤️
Which breaks the spiral & moves us into a different state.
One where we can think & feel slightly differently, open up to new possibilities & maybe even give a little more.
And that’s where the magic happens!!🎁

What do you wish you had more of right now?

More joy?
Then be the source of joy for others.
More stillness?
Then help others find their peace within.
More certainty?
Maybe let go of your need for control.
The one thing I know for sure is that we are creators.
And if we want something different to appear in our lives, we need BE different within ourselves.

The outer world is always a reflection of our inner being.

All of this is a big reminder to myself (and you if it resonates):

Be the source.

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