How to Become a Life Coach

Become A Life Coach

life coach johannesburgSo you want to be a life coach? That’s great! Life coaching is a growing industry, and there is a lot of need for good life coaches. But what is it exactly? And why do people need it? In this blog post, we will answer those questions and more. We will discuss what life coaching is, the benefits of hiring a life coach, life coaching certification, life coach requirements and how to become a life coach yourself.

If you are interested in becoming a life coach, read on…

What is life coaching?

Life coaching is a type of counselling that helps people achieve their goals. Life coaches help people set and reach their goals, live more positively, and improve their lives. People hire life coaches to help them with a wide variety of issues, including career, relationships, and health.

The benefits of life coaching include increased self-awareness, improved communication skills, and better problem-solving skills. Life coaches can also help people manage stress and anxiety, make positive changes in their lives, and achieve their goals.

Who can become a life coach?

There are no specific requirements to become a life coach, but most life coaches have some training in psychology or counselling. There are many different ways, and there are many good coaching programs available. If you want to become a good life coach, be sure to do your research and find a program that is good enough for you.

I am not sure what is happening with coaching professions. It is hard to regulate them. So you could make a business card that says great Life Coach and then go coach people. This leads to complaints about how ethical codes are not followed because there are no laws about it. More people want to know if the training for coaches is as good as other regulated professions.

How to become a life coach?

If you are interested in helping other people, then you should think about getting your life coach certification. You can start your own business that helps people. You can help others achieve their goals. And you can encourage other people to live more inspired lives every day too. You must do your research about how to be a life coach.

If you are thinking of becoming a professional life coach, you are not alone. The number of professional life coaches around the world increased by 33% between 2015 and 2019 according to research published in the 2020 Global Coaching Study by the International Coaching Federation. Many people are interested in this career because it can be helpful for others to see life. So you must check out different organisations and their offerings to know more about life coach certification programs. Also learn how do you become one of the best certified life coaches.

Do you need a license?

Many people have guessed the answer. You don’t need to be licensed in the coaching profession if you are a certified life coach. But there is more to it, depending on what kind of company you want to work for and how competitive you want to be. Many companies will require certification from a coaching organization if they are contracted through an organization.

Find ways to upgrade your skills

It is not possible to make a change without getting better. Life coaches help people to transform their lives and, in a sense, help people get better. But life coaches also need to keep looking for learning opportunities to grow, serve & improve your life. If you learn more things, you will have more customers and you will be more inspired to serve and make a difference as a transformation life coach.

How long does it take?

The amount of time it takes to get trained varies depending on what type of training you are getting. Usually, if you are doing an accredited coach training program, it will last about 12 months. The training happens for several weekends throughout the year and you have to do some life coaching practice on your own. There are also a lot of different types of training available, and some of them are shorter or longer.


However, what makes a coach a good life coach has much less to do with their qualifications and much more to do with their desire to make a difference, to help their coaching clients to transform their lives, their own journey of growth & personal development, their own intuition and most importantly, their own commitment to do the work on themselves and live an inspired life with an open heart.

Build your online presence & practice

One way to get started as a life coach is to build an online coaching practice. You can do this by creating a website or blog, setting up social media profiles, and building an email list. When you have an online presence, potential life coaching clients will be able to find out more about you and your services.

You need a website to promote your online life coaching business. You will use your website or Facebook page to attract new customers.

Automate & scale your email marketing and sales campaigns

It is wise to measure how much time you spend on things. This is important as you will likely be a solo entrepreneur. Life coach in the beginning. Emails and sales are often very time-consuming. Automating them will give you more time to help others and develop your business.

But first, you need to get some customers and in order to do that, you need to serve, serve, serve.

It is not possible to help other people if you don’t have any clients. You will need to start by marketing your services and getting your name out there. You can do this by creating a website, writing articles, or even giving talks on life coaching. Once people know who you are and what you do, they may be more likely to hire you as their life coach.

Focus on making a difference and being one of the top life coaches you can be. Affirm that you are the best life coach or the perfect life coach for your clients. Believe in yourself, trust your heart and listen with the intention of helping and you will.

Become a coach practitioner

The life coaching industry is booming and for good reasons. People are seeking coaches to help them with a wide range of issues in their lives, from weight loss to achieving career goals. So what exactly is life coaching?

Life coaching is the process of helping someone identify and achieve personal goals. A life coach practitioner helps a client set goals, create a plan to achieve them, and stay on track. Coaching is not therapy; it does not involve treating mental or emotional health issues.

Become a coach entrepreneur

You can help others achieve their dreams. There are many reasons why people might need or want a life coach. Maybe they’ve hit a roadblock in their lives and don’t know how to get past it, maybe they feel like they’re stuck in a rut and can’t seem to shake things up.

Why become a Certified Life Coach?

The main benefit of becoming a professional certified life coach is that you can help people to live their best lives. Other benefits include:

  • Honouring your life purpose.
  • Helping someone else find their life purpose.
  • Supporting others in difficult decisions.
  • Becoming an entrepreneur and starting your own business.
  • Learning self-awareness.

life coaching johannesburg

No matter your reason for becoming a life coach, it is a very rewarding career option. Think of life coaching as a change in your lifestyle, not just a job. When you do this, you will get the most out of it.

Being a life coach, you should help others live their best lives.


Steps to becoming a life coach

You may find a good coaching course online or at a coaching academy or training center near you.  Coaching Sessions may be in live interactive sessions or online, both as group coaching or personal and private 1 to 1 coaching sessions.  It may be hard to become a life coach and you need very good listening skills and more. But it is an important decision to make. You should take some steps to make sure that what you are doing is something you absolutely love. Coaching is much more than a job, it is a calling. If it is not your absolute passion, then consider doing something else.

There are several steps you need to take to become a professional certified life coach. The first step is to identify your niche. Next, you’ll need to get the proper life coach training. After that, you’ll need to develop your business skills. Then, you should continue learning and studying so you can be the best life coach & mentor possible. And finally, you must learn to serve with love.

  1. Discover your specialization

The more people who want to become life coaches, the harder it is to be successful. Make sure that you stand out from other life coaches by choosing a speciality and making it clear what kind of help people can get from you. You can choose a type of coaching like family or relationships, financial, career, mental health, spiritual, or health coaching. Choose something that inspires you, an area that you love and have mastered in your own life.

  1. Get the proper training

You can become a life coach without any certification, but it’s not advisable. The best way to ensure that you’re providing quality services is to get certified.

  1. Find a program that works for you

When you are ready to start your life coaching business, you need to find a certification program that meets your goals and expectations. There are life coach training programs where you can get certified online, which can make work-life balance easier. It is all a matter of personal preference. Mostly they give in person training programs for your personal growth, so find a professional certified coach who can train you in person and make your life coaching career.

  1. Create your life coaching business

After you get your life coach certification, you can start working on your business. You’ll want to find networking opportunities and get your name out there. You can also create your marketing plan and develop your social media presence. These are great ways to connect with potential clients and get your business off the ground.

  1. Prioritize further training

To be a successful life coach, you need to continue learning and expanding your skills. You can do this by attending seminars and workshops, signing up for courses, and connecting with other professionals in the life coaching community. This will help make sure your business meets industry standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifications do you need to be a life coach?

There is no specific degree you need to become a professional coach. However, if you have a certification from an accredited life coach training program, it can help increase your credibility and make you more marketable.

How Much Do Life Coaches Make?

Life coaching offers many opportunities and reaches new audiences. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics has published life coaching salaries in the categories of educational counselling and career counsellors. They have an average pay range from $44,380 to $96,010.

How long does it take to become a life coach?

Most standard great life coach training takes 12 months. During that time, you usually have several hours of training each weekday. But you can also take your time to learn the material between life coach training sessions.

Can you be a life coach without a degree?

There are no degrees needed to be a Life Coach. There are many places you can learn this, like in social work, education, or counselling. You can then go on to be a Career Coach. Psychology is another option. A good life coach aka an experienced, certified & brilliant life coach needs to be an expert in human behaviour, relationship dynamics, universal laws, consciousness, challenge & opportunity, heart & brain science, intuition, attentive listening, communication skills, business skills, authenticity, inspiration, purpose, values, teleology and above all, love.

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