2023 – Don’t wish for better, wish for more!

When you hope or wish that the new year will be better than the last, You discount all the ups and downs That shaped you into who you are today.

Those events were not random. They were necessary to open some parts of you that would have, otherwise, remained closed.

You have grown, transformed and become a more authentic version of you. Not the fantasy of who you think you should be or how you wish your life would be, but more real, raw and present.

There were no mistakes last year. You were surrounded by love24/7, Sometimes wrapped in disguise, But always loving & working for you.❤️

When you create a nightmare of the past in your perceptions, You automatically create a fantasy of the future. This sets you up for disappointment in the new year and the cycle continues.

The new year may be different, but not better or worse than the last. As it is all love.

May you open to grace and see the gift of life – just as it is –
with all of its peaks and valleys. When you do, You have no need to hope or pray that this new year will be a “better year” But rather, another year filled with love, growth and endless opportunities.💝

Don’t wish for better, wish for more.

Wishing you ever greater levels of love, growth & gratitude
and the wisdom to love it all.
Even when you don’t.

From my heart to yours