Using Consciousness to Create Your Life

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We cannot transform or create anything in our lives in a state of doubt, limitation or fear.
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This photo was taken 3 years ago at a meditation & consciousness event, where I decided to manifest a blue, heart-shaped pebble.

The next day,while doing a walking meditation on the beach, I found this pebble. My heart burst open and I knew I had manifested it.

I was beyond grateful.

I kept the pebble next to my bed as a reminder that I was powerful and when connected with the divine, with a field of consciousness, I could create anything my heart truly desired.
However, as the days went on, I started to doubt that I had manifested anything. Thinking it’s not even blue.

Stop doubting yourself

Doubting myself and my ability.
I was overthinking it. I was stuck in my head. But every time, I got back into my heart, I knew the truth.
It was not just a co-incidence. Nothing is random in the entire cosmos.

Consciousness & Conscious creation is a science

“God does not play dice with the universe,” Said Einstein.
And I went on to manifest other incredible things, synchronicities and a physical healing, after being in chronic pain for 4 years, at that event.

We are surrounded by love 24/7.

We are that same love!
But we’ve put up barriers over the years as a protection mechanism, which can block us from that love.

“Fear is not the opposite of love. It is the separation from love.”

The good news is that we can drop those barriers in an instant when we choose to focus on and open our hearts.
And when we do, Fear, limitation and doubt dissolve & we access unlimited power to love, to transform and to create. It all starts and ends with love.❤️🙏🏻

Conscious creation with Heart-led Life Coaching

PS – perhaps “I” didn’t manifest or create anything, but rather, I allowed the source of creation to flow through me. (By connecting to love)
We access divine love, and true creative power, when the will of God matches the will of man.✨💯
Aligning hearts and minds