The incredible change in my perspective and confidence in just 3 sessions with Louise has far exceeded my expectations of life coaching.​

Louise has given me a gift of better understanding and appreciating the NOW in my life. The today in my life’s journey. Following a move to JHB for my husband’s career I was left questioning my own personal desires outside of being a mother and wife? My purpose for being in JHB. Louise guides with empathy and honesty. Her counsel is also very tangible which is essential when trying to implement the values into my everyday life. My relationship with my kids and husband are benefiting daily from the practical knowledge and self awareness that I am now sharing in my home. Excited to see what unfolds in our next session together.
Barbra S.
Such an amazing, wise and loving coach.

Couldn’t imagine having anyone other than her! Truly an inspiration and admirable life coach xoxo

Chanelle S.
Louise had a calming effect on me, and I felt it instantaneously!​

Her help was loving and practical, easy to implement and the effects of the shifts were immediate! Thank you Louise! My whole life is so different to how it was a week ago, all thanks to you and your teachings, your method and your love!
Liesje P
Louise is the best life coach I have ever been lucky enough to work with in Johannesburg.​

She is a trained Demartini Method Facilitator and combines that with other personal development tools as well as a vast amount of spiritual wisdom. Her experience as a life coach, a wife, a businesswoman and a mother was a little intimidating at first but Louise is warm and loving and gets to heart of the issue and feels more like a friend than a life coach. She is the best mentor for mothers anyone could ask for and I would say she is more of a consciousness coach than a typical life coach. Thank you Louise for changing my life.
Mandy R.